Strava (GPS) art

Strava art (or GPS art) is running/cycling a route with the aim of creating a picture with the GPS recording of your activity.

Below is a collection of trails I have run to create some Strava art. The GPS route of my run was recorded on my Garmin running watch and then plotted on the map once complete.

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Two varieties on the cat theme run. Both are a little over 10km.

Strava route (Cat 1), Strava route (Cat 2).

Easter bunny

For Easter I ran 18km in the shape of a rabbit. Some of the narrow London streets flanked by tall buildings make for some wobbly GPS readings, and there was one part where I had to scramble over some construction work to stay on track. But overall I was fairly happy with it as a first attempt.

Strava route.


I took advantage of the quite streets due to the observation of Boxing day to ride a ~30km route through London in the shape of a dog. Unlike running, creating Strava art on a bike requires a bit more planning as one-way streets (of which London has a lot!) can really throw off your planning.

Strava route.


For ANZAC day: 21.5 km loop taking in the City, Regents Canal, and some of the parks in London.

Along the route I did come across two locked gates which impeded my progress. But I was able to navigate around them without affecting the overall route too much.

Strava route.