General information

Citizenship: New Zealand

Visas: UK — Tier 2 (General). Eligible to apply for IRL in September 2023


Graduate studies:

  • Ph.D. in Economics — University of Chicago (US)
  • M.A. in Economics — University of Chicago (US)
  • B.C.A. First Class Honours in Economics — Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)


  • B.C.A. in Economics, Econometrics, and Money & finance — Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)


A summary of my recent employment history


European Economist

Deutsche Bank

Sep 2018 – Present London, UK

Conducted economic research to provide internal and external clients with insight and analysis on factors affecting the ECB and major Euro-area economies.

Developed and maintain a variety of models and frameworks that feeds into the research team’s views and predictions on ECB monetary policy decisions. Notable model frameworks include the shadow analysis framework for measuring the ECB’s policy stance accounting for unconventional monetary policy and interest rates constrained by the lower bound, and the analysis of dbDIG household inflation expectations.


Visiting Researcher

The New Zealand Treasury

Dec 2015 – Jun 2016 Wellington, NZ

Fixed term contract to work on a project related to knowledge diffusion through labor mobility and firm productivity growth.

This work involved using firm-level and worker-level panel data from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) and Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) maintained by Statistics New Zealand.


Teaching Assistant

University of Chicago – Economics Department

Mar 2013 – Dec 2018 Chicago, US
Teaching Assistant for:

  • PhD level – Theory of Income III (Macroeconomics)
  • Undergraduate – 1st year: Introduction to microeconomics, Introduction to macroeconomics, 2nd year: Elements of economic analysis, Inequality

Research Assistant

University of Chicago – Booth Business School

Oct 2012 – Jul 2013 Chicago, US
Research assistant for Assistant Professor Johannes Strobel at the Booth School of Business. Provided technical assistance with coding and estimating a model of the owner-occupied and rental housing markets. Promoted to co-author of the paper.

Senior Analyst

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Feb 2008 – Jun 2011 Wellington, NZ

Worked for one year in the Research Team with a focus on estimating neutral/natural rates of the New Zealand Economy.

Worked for two years in the Modelling Team maintaining and operating the main DSGE policy and forecasting model. Regularly presented model-based forecasts to the Monetary Policy Committee.

Published research in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Discussion Paper Series.

Severed as Model operator – responsible for adding the judgement to produce the published forecasts.

Served as Secretary to the Monetary Policy Committee – responsible for minute taking for meetings.