Michael Kirker

My primary fields of research are Macroeconomics, Growth, and Productivity. In the past, I have worked on issues related to Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Small Open Economies.

Listed below are links and descriptions related to both my published and unpublished papers.


Government Intervention in the Housing Market: Who Wins, Who Loses?

with Max Floetotto and Johannes Stroebel. Journal of Monetary Economics, vol 80, 2016.

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Other versions:   SSRN Working Paper

An Estimated Small Open Economy Model with Frictional Unemployment

with Julien Albertini and G√ľnes Kamber. Pacific Economic Review, vol 17(2), 2012.

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Other versions:   Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper Series, DP2011/04


Firm Productivity Growth and its Relationship to the Knowledge of New Worker

with Lynda Sanderson.

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Additional files:   Appendix,   Slides

Learning Through Hiring: Knowledge From New Workers as an Explanation of Endogenous Growth

MPRA Working Paper 94505

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What Drives Core Inflation? A Dynamic Factor Analysis of Tradable and Nontradable Prices

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper Series, DP2010/13.

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Code:   Github repository

Does Natural Rate Variation Matter? Evidence from New Zealand

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper Series, DP2008/17.

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