Michael Kirker

Below are links to a selection of coding projects I have developed. Some other code is avaliable on my Github repository.

Coding languages:

LaTeX | Matlab | Python


Unofficial UChicago Beamer Theme

The is a Beamer theme to style your presentation using the color scheme of the University of Chicago. Note that this is an unoffical theme, and is not endorsed by the University of Chicago.


Time-Varying Natural Rates

Code for the model used in the paper "Does natural rate variation matter? Evidence from New Zealand", Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper DP2008/17. This model estimates unobservable trends using a state-space model and the Kalman filter. It uses the IRIS toolbox (included) to estimate and filter the model.

Sectoral Factor Model

Code for the model described the paper "What Drives Core Inflation? A Dynamic Factor Analysis of Tradable and Nontradable Prices". RBNZ Working Paper DP2010/13. This code estimates a Dynamic Factor Model of core inflation where the factors within the model are classified as either tradable or non-tradable factors through the use of sign restrictions. The model is estimated using Bayesian techniques.


Excel 2 LaTeX via Python

Designing tables in LaTeX can be time consuming. This code allows you to design your tables in Excel, and then automatically turn the tables into LaTeX code for import into your document. It reads in an excel file, processes the table content (along with style formatting), and writes a .tex file to the output directory.