Michael Kirker
Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago
Curriculum Vitae

My complete CV is avaliable as a [PDF].

Below is a summary of my education and employment history.

Citizenship: New Zealand


University of Chicago, USA

In progress Ph.D. in Economics
2012 M.A. in Economics

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

2008 B.C.A. (Hons) in Economics: First class honours
2008 B.C.A. majoring in Economics, Econometrics, Money and Finance


University of Chicago - Economics Department, USA

2013-present Teaching Assistant - Graduate and undergraduate level

The Treasury, New Zealand

2015-16 Visiting Researcher

Booth Business School, University of Chicago, USA

2012-13 Research Assistant for Assistant Professor Johannes Strobel

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand

2008-11 Economic Analyst/Senior Analyst
2011 Returned for fixed-term internship
2012 Returned for fixed-term internship